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Women play a important role in everyone life

As we go through women’s past lives in our country, it is very heartbreaking to listen or accept. Earlier, women were always treated as unequal to men. They have to work 24 hours and also have to bear everything like children and household work as a servant not as a family member, but now as the title suggest women as a lead role, so it is.

In today’s time, women are treated as equal to men. They also give a tough competition to men she is nowhere playing with the back foot now giving a one to one match in every field and flying with the bright colours as a housewife to working women. But as everyone knows, some people have the same mentality as previous they don’t want the women to fly the way they want to. They want to pull down in every aspect.

Why are women not safe in today’s world?

Why women’s are not safe in today’s time because many people want to ruin their life in the way wants to without even thinking about them.

Let’s discuss the aspects of how people want to pull down women.

  • Increasing cases of rapes

In today’s time, the chances of rapes are growing day by day men are not even thinking of anything. They want to satisfy their sexual needs. The men who are illiterate and don’t know what they are doing, even not thinking about the consequences they do for their needs.

  • Affect of dowry system in women’s life

In today’s time, the mentality of people, they think if she would be married or wearing good clothes, the cases of rape will be decreased, but this is so false as the cases of dowry cases is also increasing day by day women are not even safe in their home the in-laws and her life partner whom she trusts the most also punishes her without even her fault just because of money and to fulfil their luxury needs.

How can safety improvements for women?

Workshops can be installed to educate people on this particular topic that women are not for their needs. They should respect them; Wellness programmes should be there for physical and physiological health. Awareness should start with the implementation of guidelines and laws against sexual harassment. To give the same importance as men get, they should be provided work, leisure and respect.

To sum up

To sum up all this thing, women now being considered as a lead role as compare to earlier now they are getting the respect they want, but the main problem is the women’s safety, which has not been solved in today’s time. Some people whose mentality has not been changed have some who want to pull down the in every aspect, but there are the welfares and workshop which have been installed to solve their problem. Women are the most important part of our life and to maintain this thing you have to treat her like you treat your mother.


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